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ThunderbirdsUSA Breeder of Gouldian finches; Red Rump Parakeets (assorted mutations), Scarlet Chested Grasskeets, White-Eyed Lovebirds, Blue Fischer's, Meyer's Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets, Parrotlets (assorted mutations) and many other varieties including Caiques, Greys and Conures.

Palmetto Parrotlet Breeder of hand-fed, adjusted, and happy Green-rumped Parrotlets located in Charleston, SC.

Location: Longwood, Florida
Phone: (407) 310-9446

Shipping is available through Delta Airlines, weather permitting, C.O.D. to destination.

Willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet client with birds.

Checks, credit cardsor payments through PayPal.

Wholesale Orders Welcome
orders of 10 or more
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All American Yellow Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet

Pastel Blue Parrotlet

Pastel Blue Parrotlet